Neurodiverse children are people too

Do you believe that our children are all unique? After all, there are millions of neurodiverse children in our country.  Why, then, do we as moms struggle so much when our children think and process the world differently.  I think it is because we have believed a lie, Friends.
This idea that tells us something is wrong with us as moms if our children are struggling to fit inside the box? This false belief that if traditional approaches to discipline and education aren’t working then something must be wrong with our child?   Could it be that all of our children are actually unique?  Wait for it… could it be that all people are different in many ways and that diversity includes more than just gender or skin color?  Could we possibly join together and allow our neurodiverse children to thrive?
How about we trust ourselves and trust that God has chosen us ON PURPOSE to raise our precious children? How about if we try something different with our neurodiverse children?

What is neurodiversity?

According to, neurodiversity is:

Neurodiversity is a viewpoint that brain differences are normal, rather than deficits.

The idea of neurodiversity can have benefits for kids with learning and thinking differences.

This concept can help reduce stigma around learning and thinking differences.

Mom’s Perception Can Change Everything

Mom Friends, we have to keep it real if we want to love our children well… Let’s keep it real for one another…

For the kids that can’t seem to “get it together”…

And the child who is struggling to fit inside the box…

What about the one who feels as though he can do nothing right?

Let’s be authentic for the tween boy. You know him… he is the one whose heartbeat skyrockets in gym class. His heart pounds profusely not because of a great game of basketball. He is dripping with sweat because he knows he is about to be humiliated yet again. Sports are NOT his thing.


Moms Equipping Neurodiverse Children

Fear not, Friends, for that momma who watches her child break down with anxiety when it’s “homework” time.

Can we please be brave enough to stand with the mom who has been “kicked out” of playgroup? The one whose child doesn’t know how to “behave” appropriately?

Shouldn’t we prioritize love for the momma who wakes at 2:00 am overwhelmed with anxiety because she knows her child is struggling.  Her mind races as to what she can do to lift up and support her child well for his future.

For the mom who is late to church because her child threw a fit in the parking lot because the tag on her new pair of pants is driving her INSANE.

For the family who would love to enjoy a family outing but that one child is screaming bloody murder because his sister won’t stop singing…

Our Kids Need Us to Believe in Them

Imagine what would happen to the kids, who most would tell us to continue pushing and disciplining and punishing for “bad behavior.”

What would happen if we as parents, came alongside these neurodiverse children and embrace their differences as a blessing.  Moms sharing a vision of a bright and thriving future for each of our unique children.  What if we moms rally together to provide our neurodiverse kids the tools they need to get there?

Perceived Weaknesses as Great Strengths

Our greatest strengths are often our greatest weaknesses…

Our greatest weaknesses are often our greatest strengths…

What if we looked at our child through a new perspective and looked for strengths out of apparent weaknesses?

What if we then equipped them with the emotional, educational, and practical tools to use those gifts to grow into the adults that God has created them to be?

Can you imagine???

No more kids growing up with self-worth that tells them “they will never be good enough!”

Every child has gifts and talents and purpose.

Let’s begin to parent them this way, Mommas… and let’s watch them fly…


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