Exhausted by your child’s big emotions & meltdowns?

Girl, I get it.

For years I struggled in complete desperation and brokenness.

Navigating my son’s volatile behavior was sucking the life out us all.

I felt like a failure. But not anymore.

Hi Friend, I’m Lindsay.

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Six years ago, we adopted a baby boy. At 18-months, his behaviors became volatile and out of control.

I can only describe the next few years as hell-on-earth. It was the most humiliating, isolating and humbling experience of my life.

And yet God used it to radically transform me as a mom and educator…and OPEN MY EYES to the world of hidden special needs.

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Hope For Exhausted Moms Everywhere

This is why I’ve created a FREE 5 Day Bible Study Teaching Series for Special Needs Moms.

For the mom who’s done with the traditional parenting approaches of church and culture.

The Wrong Parenting Approach

The parenting approaches that tell us to just push harder, drop the hammer, and nip it in the bud.

When this mindset leads to death and a broken relationship with your child, it’s time to rethink it all.

That was part of my story.

And by God’s grace, He opened my eyes and brought my family so much freedom.

I believe this is what He has in store for you, Friend.

Your child may have ADHD, Autism or is simply strong-willed. Diagnosis or not, there is hope!

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Rooted in Neuroscience & Scripture

bible study for special needs moms

This Bible Study Video Teaching series will:

  1. Help you break free from inappropriate guilt & shame. 
  2. Recalibrate unhealthy expectations of both you and your child so that you can begin to move the needle forward.
  3. Send you a PDF downloadable devotional that includes Scripture-based prompts- allowing you to seek God’s wisdom in a clear step-by-step way.
  4. Provide you a framework to apply the fresh teaching perspective to your unique family dynamic. 
  5. Daily video teachings delivered to your inbox will provide you with encouragement to break free from the cycle of shame & daily stress.

Move Forward as A Family

It’s time to move the needle forward for you & your child.

Join me in the 5-Day Bible Study & Teaching Series.

It’s absolutely free and it was made for you, Friend.

There’s so much hope, Friend! I’m in this with you.