Reading, Writing, & Relationships Homeschool Parent Training

Huh? I dunno… I forgot.”  Does this sound familiar?

When kids consistently struggle with:

  • learning,
  • reading,
  • writing,
  • following through on multi-step directions,
  • shut down when asked questions,
  • forgetting to do what they’ve promised to do,
  • and more…

It may be that there’s an underlying language processing issue that needs to be addressed.    

This can be true regardless of your child’s age.

How Does Language Impact Reading & Behavior?

Learn how to equip your child in this in-depth one-hour homeschool parent training.  You’ll learn about:

  • expressive and receptive language,
  • signs of auditory and language processing issues (including dyslexia),
  • the difference between auditory processing disorders and language processing disorders,
  • how language impacts behavioral issues,
  • component skills of reading including phonological awareness,
  • how reading, writing, and relationships are impacted by subtle language deficits
  • strategies to strengthen your child’s language skills, reading, writing, your parent-child dynamic,
  • and more!

Equip yourself with the tools you need to change the trajectory of your child’s educational, relational, and mental health journey!

When you’ve completed Reading, Writing, & Relationships Homeschool Parent Training, follow up with questions!

In this with you!