A Heart For All Students serves to change the narrative for outside-the-box thinkers.

You’ll find actionable tips and advice on how to parent and homeschool kids with ADHD, Autism, or other executive functioning challenges.  The end goal?  To raise neurodiverse kids to thrive as exactly who they’ve been intentionally designed to be.

I don’t care what anyone has told you about your kid.  Every child has been created by God with gifts, passions and purpose.

Shifting our mindset to see our kids’ weaknesses as their true strengths is KEY.  Only then can we empower our kids with the tools, strategies and support to grow into their healthiest selves!

A little about me & why we just may be BFFs…

Lindsay Leiviska

I’m Lindsay and I’m An ADHD Homeschool Mom.

Yep. I’m a wife, mom of 3 (two biological and one adopted), an educator, & a proud member of the ADHD club.  Right now, I am obsessed with reading all things neuroscience. (ADHD hyperfocus, anyone?)

Grad School to Homeschool

Twenty years ago, I earned my Master of Arts in Teaching at the University of California, Irvine.  It was then that I decided to homeschool my future kids.  And sure enough, we’ve been homeschooling for more than ten years.


Six years ago, we adopted a newborn boy.  At 18-months, his behaviors became volatile and out of control.

I can only describe the next few years as hell-on-earth.  It was the most humiliating, isolating and humbling experience of my life.

Radical Transformation

And yet God used it to radically transform me as a mom and educator…and OPEN MY EYES to the world of cognitive differences.

This is why A Heart For All Students exists.

ADHD Homeschool Mom Featured Contributor:

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I help moms effectively and peacefully parent and homeschool neurodiverse kids to thrive.

What are we going to talk about here?


ADHD,  autism, sensory issues, speech & language, mental health, neuroscience, self-regulation & executive functioning… you get the idea.

Christian Motherhood:

The Gospel, the church, lies Christian moms believe, and God’s heart for the marginalized.


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About Us

Want to know more?

Ok.  I totally get it.

A few years back, I was spinning my wheels trying to figure out what was wrong with my kid.  He was such an easy baby.  Then he hit 18 months and it all went downhill FAST.

Screaming ALL DAY LONG.

He wanted to talk, but he couldn’t.  So he used a high-pitch screech that could be a torture technique for prisoners of war.

He became increasingly angry and destructive.  There was NOTHING he couldn’t get to.

We were all miserable and it felt like we were under attack.

Anxiety Through The Roof

His dangerous behaviors nearly sent me to the ER for a heart attack.  We lived in a state of chaos, anxiety and stress every day for years.

  • He intentionally ran into the street because he saw a car heading towards us.
  • Escaped the house.  (Installing chain locks on all the doors worked until he learned how to use a broom handle to unhitch the chain.)  
  • Hung from a two-story balcony in our foyer.
  • Hit, spit and kicked at the slightest provocation.
  • Oh… did I mention he stopped sleeping?  No joke.

I just wanted to be a good Christian momma, but none of the traditional approaches worked.  

The isolation, judgement and shame were all-consuming.  

But not anymore.

Look at this kid!  Oh my cuteness!

About Us

He’s a Totally Different Kid

And I am a completely different mom.

Outside-the-Kids Need An Outside-the-Box Approach

I learned how to use “outside-the-box” teaching strategies while working in an ESL elementary classroom 20 years ago.

However, my passion for kids who think and process the world differently has exponentially increased through my journey with my boy.

My desperate search for answers forced me to learn more about the brain and learning than I ever did in graduate school to become a teacher.

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Being Willing to Learn

Some of the best pediatric specialists have taught me this:

Cognitive differences (whatever the cause) can drastically impact a child’s ability to receive and process information.

This includes not only educational information, but more importantly, what we as moms want to impart to our kids:

  • How to behave,
  • Communicate big thoughts & feelings,
  • And how love others well.  

The number one change?  Me.

I had to examine the traditional parenting approaches and drop them in favor of equipping my son well.

when traditional discipline doesn't work

Unique Thinkers Run My House

Aside from my totally chill hubby, the rest of us are all blessed with the gift of ADHD.

(Honestly, I had no idea until recently.  I killed it in school and love to learn.  Who knew?)

We’ve got a little Auditory Processing Disorder and language processing issues.  Sprinkle in a little anxiety and maybe some autism, and we’ve got a pretty amazing neurodiverse family.  And I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Investing in my own kids and so many others has taught me an important lesson:

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This requires parents and educators to be willing to work with the grain of the child’s learning style, capacity and interests.

Our kids aren’t broken.  It’s the system that is broken.

I’d love to walk alongside you as you equip your child to live life with confidence and purpose.

Never Would Have Believed It

When I think back to where we were, I never would’ve believed that this memory (above) would ever be possible.

But, I am telling you that so much JOY and HOPE has come.  I am confident that you and your family can experience this freedom too!

Join me and the hundreds of moms in the tribe?  

We are in this together!

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