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About Us

Dear Weary Friend, what can I tell you about us?

I have been in your shoes.  I get it.

A few years back, I was spinning my wheels trying desperately to figure out what was wrong with my little boy.  He had been such an easy baby and slept like a champion.  That is, until he hit 18 months and wanted to communicate his thoughts.  We soon found out that he had a severe speech delay.

He Began To Scream All The Time.

He SCREAMED a high-pitch screech that could be used as a torture technique for prisoners of war.  ALL DAY LONG.  He was miserable and our entire family was under attack.

He became increasingly angry and destructive.  There was NOTHING he couldn’t get to.  If he wanted something, there was no way to prevent him from getting to it.


My anxiety level was through the roof.

At one point, we had hidden a container of over-the-counter medicines on the highest shelf in our master bedroom closet.  He wasn’t alone for more than two minutes when I found every pill bottle (child-proofed containers) had been opened and dumped all over the closet floor.  My heart nearly stopped when I began counting the pills (Advil & such) to make sure he hadn’t swallowed them.

As his frustration level and inability to self-regulate increased, so did the dangerous and thrill-seeking behavior that nearly sent me to the ER for a potential heart attack.

He would intentionally run into the middle of the street if he noticed a car heading towards us.

He would escape from the house and so we had to install chain locks on all of the doors.  But that worked only until he learned how to use a broom handle to unhitch the chain.

Then he hung from a two-story balcony in our foyer.  Later he began to hit and spit and kick if he was ever told no.

There is so much to the story.  So much growth and healing and discovery.

My son is finally in a better place after being diagnosed and treated.  Consequently my family is finally experiencing JOY again by the grace of God and His provision in this journey.

What I Didn’t Mention About Us

Oh, did I mention that we navigated all of this while I was homeschooling my two daughters?

You see, I am an educator and have been so for almost twenty years.  During graduate school I worked to earn my Masters of Arts in Teaching and completed my student teaching in a low-income school.

My heart for students developed during that season of student-teaching.  The school was filled with children who migrated to California from Mexico.  Many, if not most, did not speak English when they showed up to school.

I began working with these kiddos who not only needed to learn how to read, but also learn the English language.

I realized then that so many children have to overcome obstacles that can severely limit their ability to learn.

In that season of my teaching career, my students had to overcome a great language hurdle in order to effectively learn to read and process numbers and math concepts.  I quickly learned to be creative in my teaching approach in order to effectively reach my students.

About Us
About Us

About Us Fast-Forward 20 years…

Teaching using “outside-the-box” strategies started for me in an EEL elementary classroom and has become second-nature to me at this point.

My heart for children who learn and process the world differently has been watered by God throughout my adult-life.

Through the sudden adoption of my son who has severe special needs, I have learned so much about the brain and how cognitive differences (whatever the cause) impacts the ability of a child to receive and process information effectively.

I have home educated my two daughters, both of whom learn very differently, for over 9 years.

My time investing in them has taught me that if I want effectively teach (have a student actually retain, process, understand and apply knowledge and wisdom), I must be willing to work with the grain of the child’s learning style.

My oldest is an auditory processor who receives information very effectively through her auditory system.  Also, my younger daughter is a visual learner who has been diagnosed with APD (Auditory Processing Disorder) and needs to “see” in order to learn most effectively.

All 3 of my children have been diagnosed with ADHD and therefore have to compensate in order to overcome their struggle to maintain attention in non-preferred activities.

I have taught and tutored many other students who struggle with traditional teaching strategies because of attention-based and executive functioning issues.

My heart is to teach and equally my heart is to connect those who need one another.

My heart is for all children to know that they are capable and valued and that they CAN LEARN. AND THRIVE. 

And finally, my heart is to support moms raising children with Special Needs.

A Memory Captured About Us

When I think about our journey, I never would have dreamed that this memory captured above would ever be possible.   There was so much chaos, anxiety and stress.  But so much JOY and HOPE has come, Friend!

Let me share with you a shift in perspective that allows your child to learn in ways he was created to receive and process information.  When referring to learning, I am not simply focused on academics but also basic life skills (behavioral, social skills, verbal skills, problem-solving skills, etc).

Need Some One-On-One Support?


Equipping moms to equip outside-the-box kids for a life of confidence and purpose.

Parenting support for moms raising “high-needs” children:

Supporting Mom with tools & strategies to best equip her child for emotional, behavioral, & academic success.

Let’s chat and see if my consulting services are right for you, Friend.

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