Are your child's meltdowns pushing you over the edge?

I equip moms to more effectively & peacefully parent, educate & connect with their unique, high-needs children so that they thrive as the people God has designed them to be.

End the meltdowns & parent from a place of peace in a community of amazing moms who get it.

God has allowed me to experience the most brutal season of my life after adopting our third child, a son.  Soon after his adoption, we realized that he had severe “invisible” special needs.  His behavior was uncontrollable and our lives will never be the same.  For years, we lived in a war zone, constantly on edge waiting for the next explosion. But God… I am a completely transformed mom and a better parent because of all that I have learned through years of desperately searching for answers.

My mission is to equip outside-the-box kids for a life of confidence and purpose by equipping precious mommas to raise them with tools they need to thrive.

Blog Articles to Equip A Homeschool Special Needs Mom

Stress-Free Writing Instruction

Stress-Free Writing Instruction

Writing instruction does not have to be painful for the student or the homeschool mom (or classroom teacher).  So many homeschool moms worry when their child hates to write.  When mom approaches the...

Parenting Introverted Children Well

Parenting Introverted Children Well

Introverted Children are Everywhere All moms know how challenging, confusing and exhausting parenting can be.  However, the ups and the downs are all part of a beautiful journey that grows us as...

Equipping Our Kids: Identity in Christ

Equipping Our Kids: Identity in Christ

I have taught in Children’s Ministry for 15 years now.   In my experience in children’s ministry and church as a whole, I have noticed a pattern.  As we share Jesus with children (and new...

What Homeschool Special Needs Moms Say

We are already seeing fruit as we slowly change how we parent.  Thank you so much for walking with us… There is always work to be done and we are just at the beginning of the journey.  I am very thankful for you entering my life at just the right time.


Homeschool Mom of 3

Lindsay’s contagious enthusiasm matched with her ability to empathize with each student’s complex needs and range of ability makes her the dynamic game-changer that you are looking for in your child’s educational journey.

Anna - Mom of 4

Founder, Homeschool

I love that Lindsay’s advice made sense and that it was practical!  It truly gave me a new perspective on helping my child.

Marelet - Mom of 4

Owner, WOW Taekwondo