Getting Our Kids To Fall In Line Is Not Our Problem.

Does your child have ASD? ADHD? SPD? APD? GAD?  Or maybe your kiddo simply struggles to fit in the box of the world’s expectations?  Do you wake in the middle of the night worried about your child’s future?

“What is going to happen to him?”

“Will she always struggle?”

Friend, I’ve been there.  And I’ve come to the conclusion that if we want our kids to avoid a bleak future, we mommas may want to rally together to make a change.

And that change starts with us.

Devotional Christian Special Needs Mom

Are You Exhausted, Momma?

You love your child deeply & want them to thrive.  But there is just one problem.

Your kid has meltdowns  And nothing works.

Friend, I’ve been there, I get it and I’m on the other side.

That’s why I’ve created the 5 Day Video Teaching & Devotional Series.

I’ll be joining you in your inbox for 5 days for:

  1. video teachings,
  2. a beautiful PDF devotional prayer journal,
  3. and lots of encouragement.
A Heart For All Students - My Cover

Hey Friend!  I’m Lindsay.

I believe every child has been designed by God…

with gifts, passions, and purpose.

My heart is to equip you to parent and educate your unique child to thrive as the person God intended them to be!

Let’s stop conforming to the world and the benchmark expectations that demand our kids be people they were never designed to be.

It’s ok to parent our kids differently.  One mom at a time, we can support, encourage and think outside-the-box for our kids and one another.

We are in this together!

12 Week Parenting Series Starts Tuesday, August 18th!!

Parenting through the toughest behaviors.  Actionable tips, strategies and insight to see behind the behavior to get the root.

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ADHD | Autism | Parenting | Homeschooling

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“Lindsay doesn’t just value kids with special challenges — she celebrates them! Lindsay is wild about unique kids because she sees the ways they reflect uniquely breathtaking facets of their Creator, and she invites us to learn from them even as we help them grow into all God has for them.”

Beth Matheson

Writer, Podcast Host, Wycliffe Women of the Word

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“Lindsay is the secret to our success in transitioning our special needs son from public school to homeschool. Lindsay’s enthusiasm is contagious, her encouragement essential, and her expertise effective. I highly recommend Lindsay to anyone!”


Confident Homeschooling Mom, Podcast Host, Author, Abiding Ministries

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“Seriously, you have helped me more than any parenting book, blogger, mentor…ever. You are such a blessing… thank you for sharing this wisdom with the world.”

Amy Thetford

Homeschooling Mom of 4 Uniquely-Designed Kids, Real Talk with Amy

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Grab A Copy Of Behind the Behaviors!

For the weary Christian momma who doesn’t know what else to do.

I hear you. I’ve been there. I get it.  That is why I wrote this book.

Know this… God chose you on purpose to raise your uniquely-wired child.  

Grab a copy, be equipped & be encouraged.