Tips When Parenting An Angry Kid

Parenting an angry kid is no joke.  There’s nothing fun or funny about it. 

What makes matters worse is the reality that we live in a world that says that “poor” behavior is always WILLFUL. 

And because of this, we moms end up so frustrated when traditional parenting and educational approaches don’t work. 

Stop Getting Offended By Angry Kids

It gets worse when adults become “offended” when kids behave “badly.”  As if we should even be remotely surprised when kids act like kids?

In part, this happens because deep down, we believe that our value comes from our children’s outward behavior.

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Parenting An Angry Kid

Friend, this is such a lie.   And it’s killing us moms and it’s destroying our kids.

Because most often, the angry kids are those who don’t fit in the box of the world’s expectations. These are the kids who are constantly:

  • in trouble
  • messing up
  • struggling with social cues
  • failing in school

We all know that saying,

Hurt people, hurt people.

It’s true for adults and it’s true for children.

Low Frustration Tolerance In Angry Kids

So today, we’re talking all about the kids whose default is explosive. These are the kids who become ANGRY at the slightest hint of correction.  

  • Frustration.
  • Direction.
  • Requests for them to:
    • Do their math,
    • Clean their room,
    • Brush their teeth,
    • Finish their video game, etc… 

Raising An Explosive Kid In The Church

Within the church community, we moms have an extra level of pressure because we are continually reminded that ANGER is SIN.

It follows then that we mommas had better nip that “anger” in the bud. And do it now.

The pressure’s on, Momma. 

Exhausted By Behavioral Challenges?

Angry Kids Need Help

And when moms continue to push harder with the same old rewards and consequences mentality, we often only make things so much worse.

In this week’s episode, I discuss the challenges and pain (I’ve been there, Friend) of having a raging, destructive child. I share what I’ve learned and why we must approach these kids differently.

Be encouraged! There’s hope!

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Podcast Audio Text

Hey friend, in today’s episode, I am speaking to an issue that so many moms face as they parent, and in particular when you’re raising a child who doesn’t fit the box of the world’s expectations.

This issue is even bigger.

And what is it, friend? It’s when our kids lose it and they rage and get frustrated whenever they’re asked to do something they don’t really want to do or whenever they’re slightly corrected…

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Exhausted By Behavioral Challenges?

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  1. This is such an insightful post. I can imagine how challenging it is to parent an angry kid, so I’m sure this post will be handy for parents in this situation. Thanks for sharing this.


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