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Teaching Preschoolers

These days it seems like every mom with a young child at home is looking for tips for teaching preschoolers.  It is no wonder because teaching our preschoolers can often feel like an uphill battle.  The number one issue so many homeschool moms face when engaging their preschoolers or younger children, is engagement.  Unfortuntately, so many parents believe the homeschool life is supposed to look like school at home.  And often, this is where the resistance to learning comes into play.

Homeschooling preschoolers is not supposed to look like school at home.  For those new to educating young children at home, let me offer you an effective and fun tip for teaching preschoolers. 

My number one tip for teaching preschoolers is the one that I offer for every student regardless of age.  Use your child’s interests as the goldmine to learning that it is.  

Enter in…Stuffed animals and flashcards.  What do stuffed animals and flashcards have to with one another?  Those two have everything to do with my tips for teaching preschoolers.  In this case, I am using a recent example with my young son.

Outside the Box Tips for Teaching Preschoolers

When we are trying to engage younger children or children that generally struggle with taking direction, we need to think outside the box.

Instead of becoming frustrated with a child’s resistance to learning and  instead of taking personal offense when our child is not complying as easilyand in the way we desire, I suggest a more peaceful and effective alternative.

We need to come alongside our children where they are in order to best equip them for the long term. We must give our kids opportunities to succeed.

Tips For Teaching Preschoolers

Quick tip for teaching preschoolers

When trying to engage your resistant younger child in any nonpreferred task or homeschool lesson, engage in play.  Become the pretend teacher and shift your directives to your child’s favorite toys or stuffed animals.

When I realized one morning that my boy was not too excited about learning sight words, I could have chosen to be frustrated and forced the issue. This would have likely ended up causing undue strain on our relationship and would have made the learning experience that much more stressful.  

By simply shifting my perspective and shifting my attention to hi stuffed animals, we had an awesome lesson.

Tips For Teaching Preschoolers

Shift Attention & Play

Instead of insisting that my son “look at the flashcards and learn new words”, I spoke directly to his famous stuffed monkey (you can read about Monkey in Behind the Behavior) and asked him to join me for class.

My boy immediately perked up and played along, practicing and learning six new sight words today.  Most importantly, we connected relationally while engaging in pretend play.

Remember, small chunks of intentional learning overtime yields exponential fruit.  Fighting and stress are not condusive to learning.  Ever.  

How do you engage your resistant learner? Comment below.

For more tips and homeschool strategies for your outside-the-box learner (preschool-high school), or to work with me directly to create an individualized homeschool plan for your child, reach out.  I would love to walk alongside you to create the best educational journey for your uniquely-designed child. 

I am passionate about equipping neurodiverse kids to thrive in every way!   ADHD, Autism, learning differences… I believe with every bit of my being that all kids can thrive!!!  


Homeschool Planning & Coaching Quarantine Season!

If you have ever thought that your child would be better served with a different approach to teaching & education, this is your opportunity! 

Allow me to support you with individualized homeschool planning & coaching to meet the needs of your unique child.  ADHD, Autism , learning differences or no diagnosis at all. 

All kids can thrive!  Let me help!

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