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Writing instruction does not have to be painful for the student or the homeschool mom (or classroom teacher).  So many homeschool moms worry when their child hates to write.  When mom approaches the dreaded time for writing instruction, she often hears…

I can’t do this.

My hand hurts.

I hate this!

Please.  No!!

Don’t fear, Sweet Momma.  Today I offer up some stress-free writing instruction strategies to help our uniquely-wired children build confidence in writing.   No more tears for mom or child!  Check out the video below.

While you can use the strategies I provide without purchasing a curriculum, I do share with you my absolute favorite writing program.  Hint… Andrew Pudewa… Institute for Excellence in Writing.   Can I say amazing??!!!

When in doubt, remember your goal.    Think outside-the-box with me and let’s equip our kids to thrive!

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