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Resources In Charlotte, NC

Welcome to an overview of my local resources in Charlotte, NC as related to services for moms raising kids with special needs. Basically these services are provided by local professional companies that are worth your review and consideration.

If you would like to recommend a local professional company to add to this resources in Charlotte, NC website page, please contact me by Email me (info AT aheartforallstudents DOT com) to offer your suggestion. Thank you.



Resources In Charlotte, NC – Service Provider Network


Adoption & Attachment Resources & Support


Educational Testing Services

Southeast Psych

Carolinas Counseling Group of Charlotte


Christian Counseling Services




Autism & Aspergers


FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder)

Dr. Yasmin Senturias, M.D.


FASD Information and Educational Resources

Interview with Dr. Yasmis Senturias with NOFAS (No Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)

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