Individualized Homeschool Coaching Intensive

If you have ever thought about homeschooling your outside-the-box child, this is the season for you!

Every child can learn, but every child does not learn in the same way and at the same rate.

No child should grow up feeling like he or she is stupid just because the traditional approaches to education are not working.

Your child can thrive academically when equipped based on his or her wiring.

One of the greatest blessings of homeschooling is individualized one-on-one instruction.   One-on-one instruction is more efficient in both time and energy spent.

It’s time to think about our goal for our kids.

How can we set up our uniquely-designed children to thrive as those God has designed them to be?

Do we want our kids to spend their formative years believing that they are inherently defective because they do not fit the mold?

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Why do schools ask parents to do homework with their children?

Friend, you can equip your child with the education they need.

Q: Why do schools stress the importance of parent involvement in homework?

A: Because one-on-one tutoring (instruction) and co-learning allow greater academic growth.

Don’t believe for a second that you are not qualified to do this.   Co-learning with your child will yield incredible fruit.

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But my child is so far behind already…

Exactly why it’s time to pivot and equip your child based on their unique needs and wiring.

All children are different and that is a blessing!  It’s time to recognize the strengths of your child and allow him to thrive.

Homeschool Coaching & Planning

Allow me to support you as outside-the-box teaching and equipping is my jam and my heartbeat.

Hi Friend, I’m Lindsay.

With more than 20 years of experience working with children in a variety of capacities, I am passionate about kids.  I have been a homeschool educator for more than 10 years and outside-the-box teaching is my joy!

My mission is to equip moms to raise and educate their unique thinkers to thrive!

ADHD, ASD, SPD, APD, dyslexia, learning differences or no diagnosis at all.  Every child can learn when equipped based on their unique wiring and needs.

Let’s work together to equip your child for educational success!!

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Homeschool Training Intensive 

I am offering one-on-one homeschool intensives for $197.  This 2 hour session includes:

○       Session 1 –  A 90 minute session where we will tease through it all. Your child’s strengths, weaknesses, learning style and so much more. We will create an initial homeschool plan and you will have your marching orders for the week.

○       Session 2 – One 30 minute follow-up session where we will tweak, modify and adjust as needed based on your child’s needs.

○       Voxer Access – You will have limited Voxer access to me in between sessions in case of homeschool emergencies. :