How To Deal With Morning Tantrums & Meltdowns

About a year ago, I spoke with some moms about how to deal with morning tantrums.  Why?  Because that morning was horrible.  And I just needed to be real.

My kid started kicking me as I was trying just to get him up and ready for Transitional Kindergarten today.  Brutal morning!!”

In this week’s episode of the podcast, I talk about a situation that happened with my boy last year.  Last year, I ended up sharing w the moms in AHFAS private Facebook community about that hard morning w my kid.  

Let’s just be real…  we’ve all had crappy mornings w our kids.  Some of us may have way more experience with crappy mornings than others.   If you’re parenting a child with ADHD, Autism or any executive functioning issue, you may be part of the latter group. You may describe your child as

  • Passionate, 
  • Strong-Willed, 
  • Highly-Sensitive, 
  • Anxious, 
  • A Sensory Kid…

However you describe your child’s more intense emotions or behaviors, you likely get it.  You understand what it means to recover from a tough morning.

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dealing with morning tantrums

Mentally Preparing to Deal With Morning Tantrums

You’ll totally appreciate today’s episode if this sounds familiar.  If you take that deep breath to gird yourself up for wake up time.  That “on-guard” feeling as you prepare yourself for one of two options.  

  1.  It’s either going to be that a choir of angels shines down on you from heaven as your kid has a relatively smooth transition to consciousness.
  2. Or you’re gonna encounter a full-blown attack the moment you dare breathe the words,  “Good  morning, Sweetie.”

Well, let me tell you.  That morning was a doozy… and at the same time, it was a morning of clarity. 

When Morning Tantrums Lead To Mom Getting Kicked

Yep.  My son started kicking me as I prepared him to get ready for his morning.

It could’ve gone down in flames from there, but we rebounded.  I’ll tell you why and how I handled it in today’s episode of the podcast. 

If you have a child with executive functioning issues… whether your child is in preschool or is in high school… If your child tends to be familiar w volatile reactions, listen in and be encouraged.  

Devotional Christian Special Needs Mom

How Do I Stop Morning Tantrums?

I’ve learned quite a bit parenting a child who struggles with rage and other executive functioning issues.  One thing is this. 

I don’t have to freak out and project years into the future.  In those tough moments, I can choose to stay present and respond differently than the tradition often tells us. 

In this episode, I’ll share with you the 4 steps I use to deal with morning tantrums.

Step 1 Relationship:

Focus on connecting with your child in that moment.  Take a deep breath and think, “What might he be struggling with inside?”

Step 2 Provide Emotional Vocabulary:

Calmly verbalize what you suspect your child is feeling in that moment.

Step 3 Physical Input:

This is when you further connect by offering the type of physical input (gentle back rub) that tends to provide calm.

Step 4 Shift Attention:

Help your child cross the finish line by shifting your attention off of your child.  That morning, I likely started talking to my son’s monkey.

These are the 4 steps of my parenting framework.  Check out the FREE 5 Day Devotional For The Exhausted Mom for more information and support.

Listen to the episode and tell me what you think.  How do you navigate those wrong side of the bed mornings?  Sweet momma friend, we’re in this together. 💕

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Podcast Audio Text

Hey, friend, in today’s episode, I am sharing with you guys a really yucky and tense situation that happened with my boy one morning and while I recorded this about a year ago.  It’s so relevant and I had to share it with you because I know I’m not the only mama that’s navigated something like this girl.

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dealing with morning tantrums

Key Ideas And Concepts About How to Deal With Morning Tantrums

What do you do when your kid wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and the behavior is awful?

My son struggles with his behaviors. He struggles with his threshold for frustration.

As soon as I woke him up, he was like mad and he started to kick me.

And so immediately inside of myself, I was angry.

And before I even went crazy on him and my own meltdown, I grabbed a pillow and I just, like, beat him and I said, “hello”.

And so by God’s mercy, the pillow fight worked beautifully. I was able to completely shift the attention off, like the stress of waking up.

How can I shift this? How can I stop this? How can I connect with my child? How can I make this fun?

I wanted to share that it is OK to give yourself permission to let some things go.

Not every behavior has to be dealt with in that moment or else they’re going to grow up to be these terrible adults. That’s not the case.

There needs to be grace extended and recognize the fact that kids are younger, OK? They’re not as mature as us.

So why would we not have a little bit of grace for a child who is not emotionally mature enough to sometimes handle some of his emotions?

And we want our children to know the important things. We want our children to obey when it matters.

Give yourself grace and freedom, that this is a journey, this is not going to be perfect.

christian special needs moms positive parenting course

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