Homeschooling a child with ADHD?  Does your kiddo hate all things school?  What about chores?  Can’t sit still? 

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Friend, speaking as one with ADHD myself, let me encourage you.   ADHD can be an incredible gift!!

Whether you are a new or veteran homeschool mom, harnessing the attention of the ADHD brain can be a challenge. I totally get it.  We all know the signs:

  • Trouble paying attention to non-preferred activities (think math, reading, chores… whatever is not interesting)
  • Can’t sit still,
  • Difficulty taking turns,
  • Trouble making transitions,
  • A bedroom that is always messy no matter how many times it has been organized…

You get the idea.

ADHD Homeschool Teaching Tips

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Ditch Tradition In Favor Of Effective Learning

However, insisting on the traditional school-based approach in our homeschools only sets up our kids (and moms) to fail.  Mom becomes frustrated with her inability to teach her child.  Academic growth stalls while frustrations and tensions between child and mom grow.

The good thing is that ADHD is often not the problem!  It’s our adult expectations that are the issue.  When we adjust our expectations to see the abilities and strengths of the ADHD brain, we can harness its genius!

Listen to this week’s episode full of ideas to best harness the power of your child’s ADHD brain.  My sweet friend, Alicia Mathews, a pediatric Occupational Therapist, offered some of her favorite OT strategies to use to support optimal learning for our ADHD kids.

Need A Homeschooling ADHD Cheat Sheet?

Get excited and have some fun this week as you try out these simple, but powerful tips in your homeschool!    And grab the BRAND-NEW Homeschooling ADHD Teaching Tips Cheat Sheet.  Print it out and throw it on the fridge for quick and easy access to support your child’s learning at home.

And get this… these strategies work for ALL.THE.THINGS… behavior, chores and to simply allow your child to thrive in so many ways.  

Listen in and be encouraged!  Comment below with your favorite ways to teach your ADHD kiddo at home!   We’re in this together!! 

Homeschool ADHD Cheat Sheet

Podcast Audio Text

Hey, friend, in today’s episode, I am going to talk to you mammas about how we navigate the ADHD brain in our home schools. It’s been a few weeks for many of us. Some of us may have not started, but a lot of us have. And so it’s always a good thing to get a refresher when you are navigating how to work around that mindset that our kids have to be sitting for hours and hours at a time in order to effectively provide them an education.​


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ADHD Homeschool Teaching Tips

Key Ideas And Concepts About Screaming, Interruptions and Speech Delays

As homeschool moms know, when our children show symptoms of ADHD while we are teaching them, it can be challenging for mom and child alike. The child struggles to maintain attention and becomes bored and distracted.

To gather some useful tips for teaching a child with ADHD, I sought out the advice of an amazing friend and occupational therapist.

Occupational Therapy is not a new area of intervention and more parents are just now learning of its effectiveness in addressing ADHD symptoms in children.

When teaching a child with an ADHD brain, any learning that requires a child to sit and pay attention can be extremely tough. These kids have been wired to need physical movement to thrive.

While you’ve probably heard that getting up and moving can “wake up” the body, you’ve probably never been told why. When we move our bodies, our brain releases feel good chemicals that stimulate the brain and relax the body.

When reading and writing, your eyes perform a variety of movements. When these skills are not present or automatic, your brain has to work harder to compensate.

Understandably, this negatively affects a child’s ability to focus and sit still for a number of reasons.

Teaching A Child With ADHD Includes The Environment – Natural Lighting Is Best.

If you think your child may have ADHD and is struggling with learning and schoolwork, I cannot more highly recommend an OT evaluation. An occupational therapist can provide you with so much insight and clues to how to best teach your child with ADHD.


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  •    [02:08] ADHD Signs
  •    [04:27] Traditional Teaching Reality
  •    [06:55] Occupational Therapy Strategy
  •    [11:21] Every Child Is Unique
  •    [14:57] Consider Time When Teaching
  •    [17:45] Check Child’s Seating
  •    [19:19] Child’s Eyes
  •    [23:12] Eye Movement
  •    [26:17] Look Behind The Behavior

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