Teaching ADHD Kids At Home: 11 Effective Tips

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Teaching ADHD Kids At Home

Are you lucky enough to be teaching some ADHD kids in your home? On the other hand, does the thought of homeschooling your ADHD-wired child make you cringe?

Whether you are a new or veteran homeschool mom, teaching ADHD kids at home isn’t always easy. But then, nothing worth anything of value ever is, right?

What Are The Signs Of ADHD In Kids?

Many people know the classic symptoms of ADHD:

  • Trouble paying attention to non-preferred activities (schoolwork, chores, etc.)
  • Challenges remaining physically still,
  • Difficulty taking turns,
  • Disorganized,
  • Impulsive, etc.

ADHD Is An Incredible Gift

However, speaking as one with ADHD myself, let me encourage you. ADHD can be an incredible gift!! The ADHD brain has the ability to hyperfocus on that which is inherently interesting. Some of our greatest thinkers through history, such as Einstein or Edison, are suspected to have had ADHD or Autism.

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Prioritize Learning Over Tradition

When homeschool moms believe that effective learning requires a child to sit at a desk for hours upon hours each day, trouble ensues. If she believes that her job is to get in there and “teach” her child, tensions grow.

Or if that homeschool parent thinks that completing X number of worksheets is proof of education, learning is often prevented from happening.

We’ve got to shift our thinking to prioritize learning over traditional models of education. Fighting and forcing will NOT yield the long-term academic success we want for our kids.

Teaching ADHD Requires Adults To Think

The reality is that ADHD is not the problem! It’s our adult expectations that are the issue. When we adjust our expectations to see the abilities and strengths of the ADHD brain, we can harness its genius! A Teacher & An Occupational Therapist: Learning Power Couple.

Listen to this week’s episode full of ideas to best teach your ADHD kid at home. Alicia Mathews, a pediatric Occupational Therapist, offered some of her favorite OT strategies to support optimal learning for kids with ADHD brain power. And then I offer up some of my favorite teaching tools and strategies.

Together, we’re sharing our tips to help you teach your ADHD kids effectively and peacefully. Yes, that includes a trampoline. Can’t homeschool without one. Here’s the indoor trampoline we love!

Get excited and have some fun this week as you try out these simple, but powerful tips in your homeschool!

And learn all the things in HOMESCHOOLING THE DISTRACTED CHILD (2020 NCHE Summit For Teaching Exceptional Children Workshop). And get this… this information will support you and your child in so many areas. Behavior, chores, and academics. Listen in and be encouraged!

homeschooling adhd kids, homeschool parent training

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Podcast Audio Text

Hey, friend, in today’s episode, I am going to talk to you mammas about how we navigate the ADHD brain in our home schools. It’s been a few weeks for many of us. Some of us may have not started, but a lot of us have.

It’s always a good thing to get a refresher when you’re navigating that “school” mindset. Ya know the one I’m talking about… that our kids have to be sitting for hours and hours in order to effectively provide them an education.​

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  • [02:08] ADHD Signs
  • [04:27] Traditional Teaching Reality
  • [06:55] Occupational Therapy Strategy
  • [11:21] Every Child Is Unique
  • [14:57] Consider Time When Teaching
  • [17:45] Check Child’s Seating
  • [19:19] Child’s Eyes
  • [23:12] Eye Movement
  • [26:17] Look Behind The Behavior


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