A Heart For All Students: Screaming Interruptions And Speech Delays

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Interrupting Screaming Kids & Speech Delays

Do you have a child who is constantly interrupting?  Screams in frustration when he can’t get his words out?  I get it, Friend.  Boy, do I get it.

Years of my son’s horrific, ear-piercing, ice-cube on a nerve, never-ending screaming nearly killed me.  It was brutal.  Trying to discipline his screaming out of him using traditional parenting approaches was likely the one of my biggest mistakes.

A Mom To Mom Question & Answer

Allow me to save you and your child some of the heartache and stress that we went through.  In this week’s episode of the podcast, I speak to this issue in order to support a sweet Mom from AHFAS Private Community.

She asked,

My son screams bloody-murder to get our attention. He interrupts constantly. What do I do?

So in this episode, I share a bit of our story while doing my best to offer insight and support for moms navigating the child struggling with speech and language.  Let’s talk about:

1 – Speech & language processing & delays
2 – Sensory processing as a whole,
3 – ADHD (including Adult ADHD)
4 – How to guide our kids (and ourselves) through some of the toughest moments.

Screaming Kids & Behavior As Information

Remember, Friend, behavior is information.  Together, we mommas can rally together so that we can rally around our kids to support them with tools and strategies they need to thrive.

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Podcast Audio Text

Hey, friends, in today’s episode, I am going to answer another question from A Heart For All Students, Mama Tribe member Melanie.

Now, Melanie asked me, “Hey, Lindsay, my three year old is constantly interrupting and screaming all the time to get our attention. It’s driving our family crazy. What do I do?”

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Key Ideas And Concepts About Screaming, Interruptions and Speech Delays

A sweet momma friend asked me this question:

“Do you have any ideas for a three year old learning to be quiet while others are talking?”

OK, so the problem is, that some of these kids, especially when they’re learning how to speak and communicate their ideas, the outside noise, they’re having a hard time filtering out.

ADHD is not a lack of attention. It’s actually the brain is on overdrive and they have too much attention.

All five senses, plus my vestibular and proprioceptive system, all of my senses are receiving information.

But what happens is, is that the brain cannot filter through all of that information.

I have ADHD, but I also have a fully developed prefrontal cortex and I have learned how to practice executive functioning and strengthen my executive functioning skills.

However, your son, because he is practicing and he’s trying so hard to process the language in his mind. when somebody else is talking, even if it’s in another room, he is about to lose his mind because he so desperately wants to get out his thoughts.

When he’s trying to communicate because it takes that much more cognitive energy, so much more energy in his brain that he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.

We’re going to help Johnny learn to speak. We’re going to help him create the pathways in the brain that makes it make it more natural and easier for him to speak.

First time you drove a car, you were aware of everything. OK, that’s what’s happening right now with his speech.

Put him in an environment where he is able to really practice just getting his thoughts out without the disruption.

It’s almost like you’re scaffolding. Scaffolding is really, really important any time you’re learning a new skill.

Think about his learning to communicate as first baby step number one. That is to articulate the thought in my mind and get my mouth and get my brain to tell my mouth to get it out. That’s a step up.

Since he can’t filter out any other information, he needs that support. And as that becomes easier, you can slowly add more distractions.


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  •    [03:12] Our Story
  •    [04:13] Brain Receiving Information
  •    [05:45] Brain And Cognitive Energy
  •    [07:18] Set Him Up For Success
  •    [08:14] Like Your Scaffolding

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