A Heart For All Students: Rock Your First Year Of Homeschooling

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Freaking out about homeschooling your child this year?

Friend, you can do this.

“How am I supposed to homeschool my child?!! I’m not a professional teacher.”

A sweet momma from A Heart For All Students Private Community asked me to speak to this question… and you know I have a BIG opinion on this.

In today’s episode of the podcast, I talk all about co-learning and why you do not have to be a professional teacher to equip your child with a stellar education.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do this, Friend! If you are feeling led, go for it!! Learning happens all the time!! Rock this with your children and co-learn with them.

I’m all about equipping our outside-the-box thinkers. Even if your child has a learning difference, you and your child can thrive in your homeschool!!

Be encouraged! Listen to the episode (forgive my son’s interruptions… #homeschoollife)… and get inspired!!

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Hey, friend. In today’s episode, I answer my sweet friend Erica’s question. Erica asked me to speak to that mom who is considering homeschooling for the first time. Or maybe has been homeschooling for a while, that she’s just feeling so insecure about the fact that she’s not a professional teacher.
Well, let me tell you, you know, I have an opinion on this. I’m gonna talk to you all about co-learning and how you can provide your child a superior education, quite frankly, just by being invested. And you’ll have to forgive the quality of this recording. I was in the parking lot with my son hanging out in the minivan, but I was so inspired, I wanted to get this to you.

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Key Ideas And Concepts About Rock Your First Year Of Homeschooling

Co-learning and how you can provide your child a superior education just by being invested.

When we do the lessons together, particularly when it’s something like algebra or something that’s a little more complex you have to puzzle through information to try to gather the right answer.

I know where I’m struggling, which then lends itself to me teasing through what might be a barrier for my child.

When I say co-learning, I’m just thinking about this as like a lifestyle. I’m just talking about learning alongside your children, and this is a huge thing for moms that are new to the whole idea of homeschooling.

It’s about the idea that you do not have to know everything. You do not have to have a background in education. You have to only know this. That you want to learn something and all of us can walk alongside our kids.

When we don’t understand something, there’s something about that that connects us.

You are learning alongside your children, and that is how we learn. That’s how we teach.

Any mother can pull open a math book, a reading book. You’re gonna learn with your kids and your kids are gonna benefit from being able to ask you questions.

When you’re learning alongside your kids, then you know what they know. Then you’re able in life to like pick out little nuggets of information that, you know has to do with what they were just learning

It’s like the principle behind real, homeschooling and real learning. Learning is always happening.


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  •    [01:38] Popcorn Answer |  Co-Learning
  •    [03:20] Think About It As A Life Style
  •    [04:04] Any Mother Can
  •    [05:20] She’s Teaching Me

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