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Homeschooling ADHD: Reading, Math & Teaching Strategies

how to help a struggling reader, writer, dyslexia, auditory processing, language processing

How To Homeschool A Struggling Reader: The Mother of All Guides

Are you desperate to figure out how to homeschool your struggling reader? Does your child fight you on all things ...
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9 tips for homeschool beginners, adhd, learning differences

9 Simple Tips for Homeschool Beginners

Beginning Your Homeschool Journey Looking for homeschool tips for beginners? You're not alone. Moms everywhere are homeschooling for the very ...
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Homeschool Math Planning

How to Choose the Best Homeschool Math Curriculum: 6 Easy Tips

If you want to know how to choose the best homeschool math curriculum for your child, you're in the right ...
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Faith-Based Parenting ADHD, Autism & More

parenting growth mindset

Growth Mindset For Moms Raising Kids With ADHD & Autism

Friend, I am convinced that all moms need a parenting growth mindset. For the sake of our kids with ADHD, ...
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selective mutism in teen girls

Selective Mutism Story: 5 Tips to Help Anxious Kids

If you have a child or teen with any form of anxiety, this post is for you. Today, I've asked ...
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autism meltdowns, adhd, self-regulation strategies, special needs family support, homeschooling, zones of regulation

Zones Of Regulation At Home: Self-Regulation For The Family

Zones Of Regulation At Home Do you have a kid who melts down at the slightest frustration? Wait... Is that ...
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