Fave Book List

Hi Sweet Mom Friend,

Here it is!  Go ahead and download the book list.  Pick one that looks interesting.  Then snuggle up and read on the couch night. 🙂  Get lost in story together.

If that doesn’t work… read while kids are eating breakfast or lunch.  Read wherever you have a pocket of time to share with your child even if its simply 5 min a day.  Start somewhere and enjoy together.

If after a few chapters the book doesn’t work, move on to another one.   Don’t torture yourselves.

There are way too many good books out there to waste your time trudging through something you are not enjoying as a family.


Just a heads up that this book list was compiled while sitting around the dinner table.  My kids rattled off their top books that we have read together. 

I read these to them while  they were both elementary age so if these don’t appeal to you or if you have younger kids, grab some fun picture books and read to them and have fun. 

You are an amazing momma!  You’ve got this and He has got you!  🙂