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Whether you are a homeschooling mom, a mom raising a child with special needs, or a combination of both, we all have our own unique story.  Ultimately, however, all moms share many things in common…  a deep love for her child and a desire for her child to thrive in this world.  

It is my hope that these testimonials will allow you to feel more confident in your own ability to meet the needs of her uniquely wired child.    You can do this and I would be honored to help.    

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We are already seeing fruit as we slowly change how we parent.  Thank you so much for walking with us… There is always work to be done and we are just at the beginning of the journey.  I am very thankful for you entering my life at just the right time.

Janelle - Mom of 3


I love that Lindsay’s advice made sense and that it was practical!  It truly gave me a new perspective on helping my child.

Marelet - Mom of 4

Owner, WOW Taekwondo

“The information (you have taught me) about the brain and how it works has been super helpful! I personally can’t get enough of the ‘focus on relationships’ parts. I have noticed a shift in my parenting style lately. Less on rules and keeping the schedule and more on relationships and being ok when plans change and things don’t get done.”


Homeschool Mom of 2

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We are so grateful for Lindsay’s approach and understanding with our son.  She was able to unlock his aptitude for learning!

Heidi - Mom of 2

Founder, Southern Ark Explorers

Lindsay’s contagious enthusiasm matched with her ability to empathize with each student’s complex needs and range of ability makes her the dynamic game-changer that you are looking for in your child’s educational journey.

Anna - Mom of 4


“You are doing such a great job and are such a blessing to me and a lot of mamas out there.” 

Toni- Mom of 6

Adoptive Mom

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