Homeschool Special Needs Services For Moms


Individual and Group Christian Parenting, Homeschool & Educational Consulting Services for Moms

My services consist of individual and group coaching, public speaking and digital courses to help you navigate some of the toughest academic and behaviors needs of your unique child.


Need Help Navigating Your Uniquely-Wired Child, Friend?

Mom, I get it.  That’s because I have gone through much of the same journey that you are experiencing right now.

I equip moms to more effectively & peacefully parent, educate & connect with their children.


Homeschool Special Needs Services – Individual Parent Consulting- 

If you are looking for:

  • Individualized behavioral strategy and plan
  • A specific plan for educating your child at home
  • Individualized academic plan to support your child after school
  • Specific direction while navigating complex web of specialists
  • One-on-one support
  • Text and Email support between sessions

Then I would recommend Private Consulting sessions:

  • One hour support calls weekly for 6 or 12 session intervals
  • Individualized based on your specific goals for your child
  • Access to My Private Facebook Group
  • Email & text availability as needed in between sessions

12 Session Homeschool Coaching Package- $1797

Recommended for moms taking the leap into homeschooling for the first time.  Knowing how to best educate your child is a process that will require gathering information and tweaking as necessary.  We will work together to best educate your child based upon your student’s wiring, your teaching style and capacity, and based upon what works and what does not.  12 weeks is a solid amount of time for us to work through all of the kinks and give you and your child a solid foundation for your homeschooling journey.

6 Session Homeschool Coaching Package- $1297

Recommended for experienced homeschool moms who have come upon academic, behavioral, or any other challenge with educating her uniquely-wired learner.


60 Minute Pick-My-Brain Call- $147

  1. 60 minute Zoom Meeting Call:
    • Pick my brain and process the educational (including homeschool), behavioral, parenting & special needs issues you are currently navigating.   I will work with you on a plan-of-action tailored to you in any of these areas.

Contact me directly at 919.457.7618 or Email me (info AT aheartforallstudents DOT com) to schedule your consultation to see how I can help you.


Self-Paced Digital Course

Where Do You Want To Be With Your Child A Couple Of Months From Now?

Do You Want To Continue Spinning Your Wheels Hoping That “Traditional Disciple” Is Finally Going To Work?

Would You Rather Be Confident And Equpied With A Plan Specific To Your Child’s Needs?

Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Grow A Deeper Relationship With Your Child?

Time To Let Go Of Confusion And Chaos Within Your Home And Mind…

Friend, I Have Been There And I Get It.


Homeschool Special Needs Services – Group Coaching Parent Consulting

This is right for you if you are desiring:

  • A gradual perspective shift on parenting and discipline to support your uniquely-wired child.
  • A community of moms who “get it” and are in the trenches “with you”.
  • To learn from other moms who share their own parenting stories and needs.
  • Bi-weekly “meeting” calls where I offer my perspectve to various questions from moms like you and including you.

Then I would recommend Bi-weekly Group Coaching sessions:

  • Bi-weekly video chat sessions
  • Access to my private Facebook group
  • Recording of video meeting will be posted in the event of a missed sessio


Group Coaching Session Option

Contact me directly at 919.457.7618 or Email me (info AT aheartforallstudents DOT com) to be scheduled on the sign-up waiting list.


Homeschool Special Needs Services – Public Speaking Engagements

Contact me directly at 919.457.7618 or by Email me (info AT aheartforallstudents DOT com) for further information about my availability for public speaking engagements.



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