Homeschool Special Needs Services For Moms

No matter what anyone says… Believe this…Every child can learn & thrive.

I have been working with children in a variety of capacities for more than 20 years & am on a mission to equip moms to equip their neurodiverse children to thrive academically, emotionally, mentally & relationally. 

When a child doesn’t fit the traditional system (whatever that may be), it does not mean that there is something wrong with the child.  It means there may be something wrong with the system.

Homeschool Coaching & Planning

My job is to come alongside the mom who knows there must be a better way, but needs coaching & planning support to rest easy. She needs to know her child is equipped with the tools & strategies to thrive so that she can sleep at night.

Allow me to take the pressure off of you by creating an individualized educational plan for you & your child that will set you up for homeschool success. I will walk alongside you weekly for 12 weeks to coach you through the ups & downs, tweaking our approach & goals for your child as needed along the way.

At the end of those 12 weeks, you will:

  • Have confidence in your homeschool strategy,
  • Have significantly reduced stress related to your child’s education & mental health,
  • Your child will be progressing academically & emotionally,
  • Have more peace & joy in your home,
  • Have received an education in outside-the-box teaching that can serve you & your child for the rest of your homeschool journey,
  • and most importantly, your precious child will be on the road to long-term success thriving as the person God intends for them to be!

Schedule your free 20 minute discovery call.  I so look forward to connecting with you!  

Lindsay is the secret to our success in transitioning our special needs son from public school to homeschool. Lindsay’s enthusiasm is contagious, her encouragement essential, and her expertise effective. I highly recommend Lindsay to anyone!


Confident homeschooling mom

Seriously, you have helped me more than any parenting book, blogger, mentor…ever.  You are such a blessing… thank you for sharing this wisdom with the world.   

Amy Thetford

Homeschooling mom of 4 uniquely-designed kids, Real Talk with Amy

Lindsay doesn’t just value kids with special challenges — she celebrates them! Lindsay is wild about unique kids because she sees the ways they reflect uniquely breathtaking facets of their Creator, and she invites us to learn from them even as we help them grow into all God has for them.

Beth Matheson

Writer, Podcast Host, Wycliffe Women of the Word

Group Coaching

Email me directly to join the waiting list for the next group coaching session.

(info AT aheartforallstudents DOT com)

Speaking for Your Next Event

(Christian Parenting, Special Needs, Neurodiversity, Homeschooling, Motherhood)

Contact me directly by email me for further information about my availability for public speaking engagements.  Love to partner with organizations longing to serve families!

(info AT aheartforallstudents DOT com)

Homeschool Special Needs Services - Help Offer

Stop the chaos & confusion... Experience family joy & peace!

Join the private community of moms raising neurodiverse kids to thrive as the people God has designed them to be!!

Weekly Live Q&As… Homeschooling & Behavioral  

Access the Live Replay Video Vault of parenting & educational content to better navigate your child’s needs. 

Learn to look behind the behavior and more effectively & peacefully parent your child with confidence.  

Let’s equip your uniquely-wired child for a life of confidence & purpose as God intends.  All kids can learn and can thrive.  Let’s do this!


For the Mom Who Longs to Equip Her Child to Thrive

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