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Shifting My Perspective on Discipline:

An excerpt from the ebook Embracing Parenting Imperfection.  

I remember trudging into the pediatrician’s office one morning after my 65th night of no sleep.

We were there for Little Man’s 3-year well-visit.  I was a mess.  Sleep-deprived, no shower, (not even sure if I had brushed my teeth that morning), and in the same clothes I had “slept” in.  It took every bit of my strength to wrestle my screaming son into his own car seat to make it to the appointment.  (Like I mentioned in Part 1 and Part 2, he was literally ALWAYS screaming.”)

Our doctor finally entered the room.  The humiliation flooded my soul the minute he stepped in to meet with us. My son could not sit still.  In the few minutes that we had been waiting in the tiny primary-colored holding cell (ahem… office?), my son had literally destroyed the space.

He pulled out almost an entire package of sterile gloves. My boy sucked on more than 10 cherry-flavored tongue depressors while leaving a trail of wrappers in his wake. His curiosity led him to open every cabinet and drawer. A need for visual stimulation had him switch the lights on and off more than 100 times. He completed all of this while screaming in frustration.

I had nothing left.  I had tried everything with him. As our pediatrician entered the room, the tears poured down my face in utter exhaustion and mortification.  I was flooded with the idea that I was truly an utter parenting failure.

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