Parenting Encouragement for All Moms

Need some parenting encouragement today? I hear you, Friend.

I’ve been parenting for close to 17 years and I’ve finally realized that I’ll never have parenting figured out. 

Accepting my need for parenting support began with the adoption of my son.  God allowed me to let go of the belief that I could do this thing on my own.

So, if you’re in need of parenting encouragement, know that you’re not alone. Today, we’re going to hear from a mom who will encourage us both in our journey as mothers.

Ms. Carol Parker, a mom of three, shares her perspective of letting go of parenting perfection. Welcome to our community, Carol!!

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Parenting Encouragement

The other day, I saw a funny post by Simon Holland:

“I didn’t realize I was supposed to know how to do everything by my second rodeo. That’s still a very low number of rodeos.”

I laughed. As I kept scrolling, I couldn’t help but wonder.

‘Do I believe I’m supposed to have my parenting figured out by now?’

Third Time’s A Charm When Parenting, right?

When my youngest was born, he ended up having jaundice.

This led to a number of extra pediatrician visits. 

I remember that at one of those appointments, I asked the doctor a million questions. 

After my speed round of “ask the doctor EVERYTHING,” I joked,

“If you didn’t know any better, you’d think this was my first baby.”

He laughed and then assured me that my questions were welcome and that he was happy to “nerd out” and explain it all to me.  

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Need For Parenting Encouragement Never Ends

In that moment with the doctor, I felt silly because this was baby number 3.  This was the third time I’d been through this exact medical issue. 

And yet, I couldn’t shake this sense of embarrassment about my concern about my son’s jaundice.

Clearly, my need for parenting help was still there.

Mom Shame & Embarrassment

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed a pattern in the knee jerk reaction I get when I tell people that I have 3 kids.

“Oh! Well, you know what you are doing. You’re a pro.”

Those comments leave me feeling like I should be a pro, but really, I’m figuring it out (messily) every day.

The reality of my life put up against such innocent comments makes me feel like a fraud.  

These further feeds my need to at least seem like I have it ALL under control.

Under Control Is Not Real

But guess what? 

I’m not a mom who has it all figured out and or under control.  I need parenting encouragement all the time.

Truthfully, my guess is, neither are you.

And that’s not a bad thing.

Learn about Control vs. Influence in

Behind the Behavior

Embracing Motherhood Failures

What if, instead of being embarrassed, we chose to embrace the truth that we’re not supposed to have it all figured out? 

Can’t we be ok with needing parenting help regardless of the number of children at our table or their ages?

Parenting Is a Journey

Parenting is a journey. 

It’s a learning process where every kid in your care is different, even when they experience the same things (like jaundice in my case).

So, I say, ask all your questions. 

Ask for and accept parenting encouragement and help (often).

Further, surround yourself with parents who are not ashamed to admit that they are also finding their way.

quote of parenting encouragement "we moms are just people doing the best we can with what we know at any given time.  Give yourself lots of compassion."

Embracing Our Need for Parenting Help

Most importantly, let go of knowing it all and allow others to come alongside you to help you fill in the gaps. That’s what makes this journey great.

Carol Parker is a mom of 3 beautiful babies. She can’t wait to see what she learns about herself as she parents her kiddos.

To connect with Carol, email her directly at goes here

Carol’s message helps me to let go of being the perfect mom. Instead, embracing the reality of my limitations. 

I’m grateful that I’ll always need parenting encouragement because it allows me to lean on my community of mom friends. 

One of the perks is community with other moms and a greater dependence on God Himself.

Below I have listed three of my favorite faith-based parenting books. Each one has met me in a harder season of motherhood. 

Hope one of these faith-based parenting books meets you in your journey.

1. Behind the Behavior by Lindsay Leiviska, MAT

This one is story and I’m a little biased. 

The reality is that it’s our personal stories that change us the most.  In the end, I hope my story encourages and equips you.

  • Infertility and adoption,
  • my son’s volatile behaviors,
  • hitting rock bottom as a mother,
  • how God has radically changed me as a parent and educator,
  • and the 4-step parenting framework that will change it all.

Grace For the Good Girl is an excellent read for the woman smothered by the to-dos and unrealistic expectations of life.

This book will offer you encouragement, Biblical truth, and wisdom to help you live in grace. Definitely, a life changing book!!

3. Triggers by Amber Lia and Wendy Speake

I read Triggers in one of my darkest seasons with my son.

In my sleep-deprived, exhausted state, I experienced some rough moments of anger and rage.

This was one of the first times that I read a book where Christian moms were honest about their struggles with anger. 

They share ideas as to how to navigate this natural (but often life-sucking) emotion.

Recap: Parenting Encouragement for Us All

So, Momma Friend, what say you? 

Where are you in your parenting journey? 

What tools, strategies and resources have brought you parenting encouragement in your daily journey?

Share your thoughts below.  We’re in this together!

12 thoughts on “Parenting Encouragement for All Moms”

    • Girlfriend! Sleep deprivation is the absolute worst ever. My son has struggled with sleep since about 18 months and it has been one of the most challenging parts of being a momma. Makes me grateful for the good night. Hang in there! You will get through it. 🙂

  1. This was so amusing! I love the writing style! I’m a mom of a toddler, still trying to figure parenting out, but I’ve always thought that moms of 3 are way more knowledgeable than me 😂

    • Oh, Girl! Moms of three just know even more how much we don’t know. Ha! Just have to remember that perfection is unattainable and that when we mess up (which we will), to just own it and give lots of grace to our children and ourselves. 🙂

  2. I love this! It’s so important to embrace the truth and realize we’re all in this together. I always say that if the intention is good, the rest will be good. We are all doing our best! And it definitely has gotten easier with each child even though their challenges are all different!

    • Julie! Yes! I agree… I love that… a rhythm of parenting. Those are the best seasons of parenting, right? And when life happens… being able to readjust without feeling like a failure is a blessing! Thanks, Friend! 🙂

  3. I love this! Parenting is tough work day in and day out and I have had soo many more questions and different experiences with my second. I definitely will never have it all figured out!


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