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Hello and welcome to our compilation of Christian Mom Parenting articles.  Basically these articles represent my personal journey through life and the experiences with family and friends.

I hope you find these Christian Mom Parenting articles to be of value and that you will share them with your family and friends.

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Calm a Child During a Meltdown

Calm a Child During a Meltdown

Perspective Shift on Meltdowns & Discipline Knowing how to calm a child during a meltdown is not easy. Parenting a child with special needs is exhausting.  However, the needs of the child and how his cognitive differences show up on any given day will impact the...

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Homeschool Coaching & Planning

Capture this new season of home schooling and propel your child forward.

Allow me to equip you with an individualized educational plan that works to serve you and your unique learner. Outside-the-box teaching is my passion and I believe every new homeschooling mom and child can thrive in this season!!!