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I am honored to join with other industry moms in podcasts and interviews covering a wide range of topics.

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What Moms Are Saying…

“Lindsay is the secret to our success in transitioning our special needs son from public school to homeschool. Lindsay’s enthusiasm is contagious, her encouragement essential, and her expertise effective. I highly recommend Lindsay to anyone!”


Confident homeschooling mom

“Seriously, you have helped me more than any parenting book, blogger, mentor…ever. You are such a blessing… thank you for sharing this wisdom with the world.”

Amy Thetford

Homeschooling mom of 4 uniquely-designed kids, Real Talk with Amy

“Lindsay doesn’t just value kids with special challenges — she celebrates them! Lindsay is wild about unique kids because she sees the ways they reflect uniquely breathtaking facets of their Creator, and she invites us to learn from them even as we help them grow into all God has for them.”

Beth Matheson

Writer, Podcast Host, Wycliffe Women of the Word

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