Youg Aspie Woman

Encouragement for the Young Girl with Aspergers

To the Young Girl with Aspergers Syndrome Just yesterday morning, a dear friend of mine reached out to me.  Her ...
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Homeschool Coaching Planning

Stress-Free Writing Instruction

Writing instruction does not have to be painful for the student or the homeschool mom (or classroom teacher).  So many ...
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Intorverted Children

Parenting Introverted Children Well

Introverted Children are Everywhere All moms know how challenging, confusing and exhausting parenting can be.  However, the ups and the ...
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identity in christ, christian parenting, homeschool

Equipping Our Kids: Identity in Christ

I have taught in Children’s Ministry for 15 years now.   In my experience in children’s ministry and church as a ...
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christian mom, parenting, discipline, homeschool, parenting, adhd, special needs, autism, adoption

Parenting Children Well Takes Discipline

Parenting Children Well Parenting children well requires adults to demonstrate the discipline and patience we desperately want to impart to ...
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reading, homeschool, learning disabilities, special needs

Simple Tool to Help Struggling Readers, Part 2

A Homeschool Mom's Simple Tool to Help Struggling Readers This is Part 2 in a series to help homeschool moms ...
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reading, homeschool, special needs, learning disabilities

Help for A Struggling Reader, Part 1

Help for Your Struggling Reader Lately I have had several moms approach me about tutoring their children because their children ...
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childrens bibles, christian moms, homeschool

Favorite Children’s Bible Story Books

As a homeschool momma, I am always on the lookout for quality resources to enhance our family learning.  As almost ...
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parenting support, mom

Do You Have Parenting Figured Out?

"I will always need parenting help..." One thing I have learned in this journey as a momma is that I ...
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special needs, homeschool, adhd, teaching tips, learning disability

Teaching a Child With ADHD

Teaching a child with ADHD? Do you have or are you teaching a child with ADHD? Whether you are a ...
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holiday hacks, christmas, special needs, thanksgiving, mom, peace

Holiday Hacks for Moms

Like so many mommas, I am loving this cooler weather.  The colder weather lends itself to more cozy times at ...
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PANS/PANDAS, special needs moms


PANS/PANDAS Symptoms in My Family If you have a child and haven't heard of PANS/PANDAS and the symptoms associated with ...
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pans/pandas special needs, moms

Diagnosis: PANS/PANDAS

Diagnosis: PANS/PANDAS When a child experiences a sudden and drastic change in behavior and emotions, many parents are at a ...
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outside-the-box kids, adhd, autism, aspergers, aspie, asd, sensory, moms, parenting, homeschool, christian parenting, aspie girls, aspergers, autism, adhd

Outside-the-Box Kids Can Thrive

Outside-the-Box Kids Made to Thrive Too many children are daily being forced to meet expectations that they were never meant ...
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dyslecia, homeschool, learning disability, reading, books, homeschool

Dyslexia & Orton-Gillingham

So many sweet moms fear when their child is struggling to read well.   Today we are discussing our struggling readers, ...
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after school meltdown, strategy, prevent, mom support, emotional regulation

Zones of Regulation

Zones of Regulation & Childhood Anxiety We mommas love our kids fiercely, but can become overwhelmed when our children struggle ...
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special needs, kids, mom support, adhd, asd, spd

Moms, Let’s Be Brave

To my momma friends and fellow educators who love and are invested in outside-the-box children, let's be brave for our ...
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neurodiverse children, special needs mom, adhd, asd, sensory processing

Let’s Equip our Neurodiverse Children Well

Neurodiverse children are people too Do you believe that our children are all unique? After all, there are millions of neurodiverse ...
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special needs adoption

Special Needs Adoption & Parenting- Podcast Interview

Our Special Needs Adoption & Parenting Journey I was about to finally share my family's story of special needs adoption ...
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teens, tweens, parenting, christian mom support

Teen Moodiness, Meltdowns & Mexican Food

Parents have been navigating teen moodiness and meltdowns since the creation of man. Generations of moms and dads have been ...
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special needs, temper tantrums, meltdowns

Calm a Child During a Meltdown

Perspective Shift on Meltdowns & Discipline Knowing how to calm a child during a meltdown is not easy. Parenting a ...
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christian family, mom, reading, books

Reading as a Family: The Benefits & Favorite Family Book List

Reading Aloud TO Your Children Throughout Childhood Because I am a storyteller by nature, sharing stories with others brings me ...
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special needs parenting, temper tantrums, christian discipline

Perspective Shift on Discipline, Part 3

Shifting My Perspective on Discipline: An excerpt from the ebook Embracing Parenting Imperfection.   I remember trudging into the pediatrician’s office ...
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anxiety, children, pediatric, mom support

Resources to Combat Childhood Anxiety

Raise your hand if you have a child who struggles with anxiety! Anyone looking for tools and resources to knock ...
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special needs, temper tantrums, christian moms, meltdowns

Perspective Shift on Discipline, Part 2

Shifting My Perspective on Discipline: An excerpt from the ebook Embracing Parenting Imperfection.   I remember trudging into the pediatrician’s office ...
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temper tantrum, special needs, autism, adhd, sensory processing, special needs parenting

Perspective Shift on Discipline, Part 1

In the past five years, God has taught us so much about children with special needs. I now realize our ...
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phonics, preschool, reading

My Top 3 Phonics Resources for Parents & Kids to Enjoy

Top 3 Resources for Phonics Fun at Home As a homeschool mom, I have had the blessing of being home ...
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adoption, infertility, miscarriage, christian motherhood

Adoption Story: Meeting & Saying Good-bye to His Birth Mom, Part 4

If you have not read Parts 1-3, please click here to read those first. 🙂 Seeing her for the first ...
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infertility, christianity, miscarraige

Adoption Story: Infertility to Adoption… He is Finally Here!, Part 3

"This is Part 3 of a Series... If you have not already done so, please check out PART 1  and ...
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infertility, miscarriage, adoption

Adoption Story: Miscarriage to Special Needs Adoption, Part 2

Journey To Adoption Part 2 (Read Part 1 if you haven't already done so) After losing my baby, I experienced ...
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infertility, adoption, miscarriage, christian motherhood

Our Adoption Story: Miscarriage (x7), Part 1

Through the Valley of Miscarriage & Infertility to the Mountain of Special Needs Adoption, Part 1 My journey into the ...
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