Behind The Behavior Ebook

Behind the Behavior: 4 Steps To Capture And Influence Your Child's Heart, Beliefs, and Behavior Ebook (PDF)

"Why can't I control my child?"
"There must be something wrong with me."
"I am a terrible mother."
"I must not be praying enough."
"I can't do this anymore."

In this book, I share with the weary momma, everything that I have learned through God's gracious use of my darkest season of parenting. Motherhood and our role as mothers is and is not. Lies so many of us believe about where our value comes from. The benchmark for effective and Biblical discipline is not simply our children's outward behavior. How to equip our uniquely-designed, neurodiverse children (with or without a special needs diagnosis) for a life of confidence and purpose by pursuing them in relationship just as Christ does us.

If you have tried every traditional parenting strategy and still cannot make progress with your child. If you are finding yourself constantly at-odds with your child... If you know something is off, but can't quite put your finger on it... Know this. There is hope and God is faithful.

Learn how to use the 4 Steps to Capture & Influence Your Child's Heart, Beliefs, and Behavior to equip your child for their long-term success.

Our children will only be in our charge for a short time. When we continue using the same discipline strategies with the same poor outcomes, it's time to reconsider our approach.

Moms, we were never meant to "control" our children. Just look to the One Who actually has the ability to control and yet He chooses not to. He chooses to pursue us through relationship. It is relationship that allows us to influence our children's heart, beliefs and behavior. From toddler to teens... it's never too late.

There is incredible hope, Sweet Momma.

In His Grace,


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