Hi Mom Friend, 

You are exhausted.  You don’t know what to do.   You’ve tried EVERYTHING you can think of…

You are done with the judgemental stares from the nosey onlookers in Target……or worse, the disapproving comments from well-meaning friends and family…

Everything that worked with your other kids is completely useless with this one…

Your momma friends offer up strategies that always work wonders with their children…

“Thanks,” You say… “Tried that already.  You don’t know my kid.”


You stop going out in public with this child.  He is always causing a scene… screaming, kicking, losing it over “the littlest things.”

You don’t even want to get out of bed and face another day living in the warzone of meltdowns.

You love your child, but right now, you struggle to “like” her.

Oh no!  Now you feel guilty…

You ask yourself the ultimate question…

“What kind of mother thinks these ugly feelings about her own child?’

The self-condemnation cycles out of control at the exact time that your child loses it again…

Friend, it is time for this destructive cycle to end.

This was my story with my adopted son with hidden special needs.

Past tense.  Was our story.  Not any more.


I’m Lindsay… I “get” it and I want to help.

Time to stop living in fear, confusion, exhaustion, depression and guilt.  Time to begin something new with your child.

It’s time for a complete shift in mindset regarding discipline and parenting…

Time to take a completely different approach to your child’s difficult behaviors…

Time to let go of the confusion about how to parent this child.


It’s time to free up the emotional chaos in your head and live with a greater mental capacity to discipline well and love deeply!

God has chosen you in this season, to parent your child.  God has chosen you knowing all of your limitations.  He still chose you to love this precious child.

Learn how to guide your child through a meltdown, tantrum, or hysteria into self-regulation, relationship and recovery in this 6 week online course.


By the end of this course, you will:


  • Have acquired specific tools and strategies to equip your child to make the shift from uncontrollable tantrums, physical aggression, and/or defiance to appropriately using “words” to communicate frustration

  • Have developed a deeper, more loving & secure relationship between you and your child…or… an individualized plan to reconnect with your child (depending upon the current state of your relationship)
  • Will have a basic yet solid understanding of brain development and how cognitive differences impact behaviors

  • Know how to “look” behind the behaviors of your child to tease out the root issue & respond to your child appropriately so as to move the needle forward in raising a healthy adult
  • Have created an individualized plan-of-action to more peacefully and effectively respond to your child’s meltdowns

  • Have significantly more confidence in your approach to parenting your outside-the-box kiddo
  • Replace stress & tension within the home with peace, joy & greater family relationships

  • See a reduction in number and duration of your child’s meltdowns
  • Have identified many of the suffocating & limiting misconceptions about your value as a mother

  • Remove the noose of worry & fear tied around your neck so that you can breathe mentally, physically, and spiritually
  • Experience increased mental capacity and boldness to confidently and unapologetically parent your child based on his unique needs

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your role as a parent through the lens of the Gospel of Christ, the wisdom of God,  and not the world
  • Have a safe & non-judgmental tribe of mommas to love and support you in one of the toughest seasons of parenthood

  • Begin to see your child flourish with confidence and purpose knowing he is loved and valued for who he is…

I’ve been there.  I “get” it.  You are going to get through this, Friend.

He began to scream all the time.

My anxiety level was through the roof.

He would intentionally run into the middle of the street BECAUSE he saw an oncoming car.

No parenting technique worked.

I was alone.

No one in my circle understood.

The judgement and shame was all-consuming.

Something was wrong with my son, but I had no idea what and had no idea how to help him.

I felt like a failure as a mother.



I have taken the best parenting strategies and information from my experiences with:

  • therapists (speech, occupational, physical)
  • specialists,
  • doctors,
  • my own research (I read everything I can get my hands on),
  • conferences,
  • special needs teachers
  • 20+ years working with children as an educator in a variety of capacities
  • relationships with other special needs moms

…and placed them in one course for you, saving you so much heartache and valuable time.



Behind the Behavior

Digital Course 

Part 1, Welcome & “Actionable” Overview

Unit 1 

Welcome and Overview- Don’t miss this!  Actionable Steps!

Unit 2

Meltdowns & Moms

Unit 3 

Being Intentional, Overview of Behaviors & The Brain

Unit 4 

Failure Judgement Isolation & Need for Outside Support

Unit 5 

Control vs. Influence, What to Expect Over the Next 6 Weeks

Part 2, Navigating the Chaos in Our Brains

Unit 1 

Treatment & Care,

Right Supports for Mom & Child,

To Medicate or Not


Unit 2

Brain Differences

Executive Functioning & Self-Regulation

Behaviors & The Brain

Unit 3

True Discipline


Behaviors, Brain & Outside-the-Box Discipline Approaches

Part 4, Adults Have Meltdowns Too

Unit 1

Video 1: Mom’s Ability to Self-Regulate in Action

Unit 2

Kids’ Ability to Self-Regulate

Unit 3

Reframe Parent Perspective: “Can’t vs. Won’t”

Unit 4

Meltdowns Are a Part of Life… And Are Great Teaching Opportunities!!

Part 4, Step 1- Relationship

Unit 1

Relationship is First Priority

Unit 2

Parent as Most Influential Teacher

Unit 3

Investing in Relationship- What does that look like?

Unit 4

State of Current Relationship- Where do I start?

Part 5, Step 2: Provide Emotional Vocabulary 

Unit 1

Step 1: Relationship & Step 2: Emotional Vocab Combined

Unit 2 

Casting a Vision for Your Child

Unit 3

Biblical Foundation for the Scripts We “Give” to Our Children

Unit 4

Casting a Vision for Our Child “In Action”

Part 6, Steps 3: Physical Input & Step 4: Shift Attention

Unit 1

The Five Senses (Plus 2 More)

Unit 2

Step 3: Offering Appropriate & Helpful Physical Affection

Unit 3

Step 4: Shift Attention Off of Your Child

Module 4

Closing Words & Crucial Supports for Mom


God has chosen YOU to parent your child in this season ON PURPOSE!

Behind the Behaviors Course will provide you with:

  • Four steps to capture & influence your child’s heart, beliefs, & behavior
  • Cliffs’ Notes Version of the research and “whys” behind every step
    • Saving you years of heartache and unnecessary stress
  • Strategies & tools to navigate some of the hardest behaviors
  • Gospel-centered perspective on discipline and parenting that will FREE you from confusion and mental chaos
  • Exponentially greater mental capacity to navigate the meltdowns with confidence and peace
  • Deeper relationship with your child
  • Many concrete scenarios with step-by-step solutions
  • Planning resources to tailor your Plan of Action to your specific child
  • So much more!

I am so honored to join you on this journey.  You will get through it and there is so much joy waiting for you and your precious family!

**Disclaimer: I am an educator (M.A. Teaching) with over 20 years experience working with children in a variety of capacities.  My special needs parenting coaching is based on my educational experience and my on-the-ground training as a special needs parent.  It is not meant to replace mental health professional advice.